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In the early 90's the founders of Analytic Company realized that market information, especially on pricing in the automotive industry, was based more on human expertise rather than real market data.

Due to missing alternatives, these experts delivered information on the basis of limited data sample size and personal experience. Considering the development in Technology and thanks to the Internet, the Analytic Company´s entrepreneurs foresaw a chance to establish a highly innovative proving approach to determine market information using new mathematical and advanced data technologies(btw: one of the founders realized all of this when he was searching for a well-priced motorcycle in 1993).

The belief that this new possibility to create market transparency will succeed in the Automotive Industry was also fueled by experience accumulated on the financial market.

In the late 70's, the banking industry started to shift from this solely opinion based price determined systems and went into the electronic data-driven IT world. This was the start of using new and modern mathematical analytical technologies that is now dominating the business rules in the finance market.

The founders of AC were convinced that the changes in the financial markets will impact in reality the automotive industry too... the evolution from a personal opinion has driven expert system towards modern analytical Big Data technologies, enabling more accurate and secure market price information.

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